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The Event

The Road Ahead is an annual event combining important social, economic, and ongoing transit issues to seek out mutually beneficial solutions. The title for The Road Ahead 2017 is Mobility On-demand: Go Your Own Way, as the proliferation of mobile technology has awakened interest in demand-responsive transportation alternatives. These new trends present opportunities to develop an integrated system of transportation that can better meet the needs, and provide more choice, to a diverse group of users. On-demand mobility is poised to contribute to the ever-evolving transportation ecosystem by helping to connect travelers, innovating operations, improving and utilizing infrastructure more efficiently, and better meeting personal mobility needs.


The Road Ahead attracts a variety of different communities, including elected officials, policy makers, private developers, and transportation industry leaders. The presentation elicits animated dialogue from panelists with a passion for accessing the benefits of transit oriented developments in the Denver area.

WHAT: The Road Ahead 2017: Mobility On-demand. The thirteenth annual seminar featuring presentations and panel discussions.

WHO: Over 300 attendees including: local and regional officials; state and federal government representatives; and public and private sector participants, including developers and business leaders. The keynote panel includes speakers from Lyft and BRIDJ.

WHEN: Thursday, February 23, 2017, with breakfast at 7:30am and presentations from 8am–10:45am.

WHERE: University of Denver, Driscoll Ballroom.

The Speakers


Rutt Bridges

Futurist, Entrepreneur, and Author

Rutt Bridges is an author, speaker, and advisor on driverless vehicles. He has been involved with numerous tech startup’s both as a participant and an investor for the past 35 years and published the Amazon e-book Driverless Car Revolution about two years ago. Since then it has reached #1 several times in the Robotics and Automotive categories. His new book, Driverless Conquers Congestion, is asymptoticaly nearing completion. He has an MS in geophysics from Ga Tech.


Emily Castor

Director of Transportation Policy, Lyft

As a member of the original Lyft team, Emily has been on the front lines of ridesharing policy since the birth of the industry. She leads Lyft’s partnerships with transportation agencies across the United States, integrating Lyft as a last-mile connection to public transit and a viable alternative to car ownership. Emily started her career as a transportation policy aide for a U.S. Congresswoman and later served as a financial advisor for municipal infrastructure projects. She holds an MPA from the University of Pennsylvania.


Matt George

CEO, Bridj

Matt is the CEO of Bridj, which is the leader in creating smart cities through smart mass transportation. Bridj has been recognized in the New York Times, the Economist, and most major American technology publications for it’s work in creating a smarter city through better mobility. In addition to Bridj, Matt served as the Innovation Chair for the Boston 2024 Olympic bid, as well as working with a number of community based organizations.

Local Panelists


Mary Beth Susman | Councilwoman, Denver City Council District 5

Dave Genova | General Manager and CEO, RTD

Crissy Fanganello | Director of Transportation & Mobility, City and County of Denver

Host Organization

Transportation Solutions Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase the availability and use of transportation choices to improve traffic, air quality, health and economy for businesses and residents in the Denver area. The organization provides leadership, education and outreach in the southeast metro Denver area and provides a wide array of transportation services to businesses, residents, employers, commuters, institutions and neighborhoods, partnering with both public and private-sector organizations. Successful projects include creating the B-Line shuttle, which has since been incorporated into RTD’s regular transit system, developing a Transportation Center at the University of Denver, and partnering with the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) and other local Transportation Management Associations to launch Way to Go, a regional campaign to encourage people to drive alone less.

Transportation Solutions Board of Directors

Board Chair
Bill James
James Real Estate Services

Board Vice Chair
Nick LeMasters
Cherry Creek Shopping Center

Chris Nevitt
City of Denver

Past Chair
George Thorn
Mile High Development

Board Members
Barbara Metzger
Community Representative

Scott Caldwell
Lincoln Property Company

Wave Dreher
AAA Colorado

Bill Elfenbein
Cherry Creek Steering Committee

Susan Daggett
Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute

Chad King
University of Denver

Doris Rigoni
Glendale City Council

Kendra Black
Denver City Council District 4

Mary Beth Susman
Denver City Council District 5

Paul Kashmann
Denver City Council District 6

Jolon Clark
Denver City Council District 7

Wayne New
Denver City Council District 10

Kate Williams
RTD Board of Directors, District A

Stuart Anderson
Executive Director